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Breakscape Games is dedicated to sourcing the latest in VR/AR technology to provide the top social and entertainment experience. Our products are currently compatible with both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. We plan to integrate new technology platforms into our products as they become available to develop on.

How it Works

An immersive multiplayer experience that pushes the envelope on technology and social experiences.

Pricing: $3000 per license per player


All of our products are multiplayer VR experiences that allow for social interaction between groups of 2-6. Communication between everyone is key as players try to uncover hidden clues, solve unique puzzles and try to escape the game!

Zero Latency Multiplayer Interaction:

Strong and robust back-end implementation allows for seamless gameplay

Full Gamemaster Support with Clue Control:

Provide customized and passive support to enhance player experience

Voice over 3D Sound:

Voices are projected in 3D space relative to your position in the virtual world

Business model

Weekly Hours Open: 52 Occupancy Rate: 50% Average Users/Session: 4 Cost per User: $20 Weekly Profit: $2080


$3000 per license per player Each game can support up to 6 licenses A la Carte (HW not included) and turn-key (HW included) options available.

Case studies

We will be launching De-Composed at Room Escape Ottawa, and will include data from our business model soon.


You’ve received an invitation to a private concert, a performance of newly discovered music by the brilliant and demented composer Hans Komisch, now deceased. The invitation leads you to a dark & quiet estate house… but what will you find inside?


We work with our development partner Mikutech to design, develop, and implement multiplayer VR games. Our game experiences are tested to the highest quality for social game play and meaningful object interaction, while mitigating common VR issues such as motion sickness.


Room Escape Ottawa is showcasing our first VR experience! An industry leader in Escape Room design, we are proud to have them host our first VR Escape Room Experience.

How much space is required?

How much space is required?

That depends on how many licenses are purchased in total. In order to maximize profits, a 6 license setup requires enough space for 6 chairs, and 6 computers with its VR equipment. We recommend a space of 15’x12’ to accommodate all the people and equipment.

How long is each game session?

How long is each game session?

The maximum length of each game will be 40 minutes, at which point all the players playing will have failed to escape.

Is hardware included?

Is hardware included?

We offer both a la carte software solutions and turn-key all-inclusive packages tailored to a businesses individual needs. A la carte software solutions are for those with the technical know-how who are comfortable purchasing, setting up, and installing software on their own. For all-inclusive turn-key packages, we will purchase and set up all required hardware (computers, graphics cards, VR headsets, routers, etc), and install the required software. Contact us for more information regarding set up options.

How many players does the game support?

How many players does the game support?

All of our experiences can support up to 6 individual players, who will all be networked together inside the VR world.

Does this experience cause motion sickness?

Does this experience cause motion sickness?

We use the latest technology that outputs at a high frame rate to minimize the nausea commonly associated with VR technology.


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